Professional consulting services (designers) are procured through a qualifications-based Designer Selection Process.  Designers are selected for projects included in the State’s annual capital budget and projects that have not gone through the capital budget process.  Design and Consulting services are also sought for Agency Consultant positions through which professional services are provided to STREAM (State of TN Real Estate Asset Management) and to other State agencies through STREAM.  Agency Consultants provide necessary professional services throughout the year including professional consulting, programming, budgeting, and design services.


Tennessee firms are given primary consideration unless the State determines it is in the State’s best interest to consider non-Tennessee firms.  Further, designers within the region of a project will be given primary consideration.

Any form of business arrangement with consultants or joint venture partners may be proposed for State projects.  However, the State prefers that a single firm contract with the State and serve as the primary contact, project leader, administrative manager and single source of responsibility, with any necessary business partners and consultants serving under that single firm’s management. The State also prefers that this single firm have its principal place of business located in the State of Tennessee.


Images were provided by Lewis Group Architects for the Early Design Presentation on April 09, 2015.        

For questions and inquires, please contact Designer Selection Customer Service at (615) 741-2243 or send an email