Lease Management

The mission of STREAM (State of TN Real Estate Asset Management Lease Management) is to provide our customers with exceptional tenant representation, make prudent real estate decisions on behalf of the taxpayers of Tennessee, and present a fair, transparent, and competitive opportunity for taxpayers to do business with the State.


                                   Map of the State of TN's Leases (as of  April 2016)

Lease Management performs the transactional work for a leased portfolio of approximately 3.5 million square feet of third-party owned space throughout the State of Tennessee. Our team of professionals handles both the transaction as well as administration of over 340 leases. The lifecycle of a lease begins with identification of an agency need within the State. Our team then works with our client agencies to establish set real estate criteria that will provide the most value to the agency. The Leasing Team typically then leads a competitive procurement for space that meets these criteria. Leasing will work alongside STREAM Facilities Management partners to support our client agencies and landlords through the term of the lease.

Our leasing procedures are governed by Tennessee Code Annotated 12-2-114, as well as State Building Commission Policy.

           For questions and inquires, please contact Leasing Customer Service at 615-741-4138 or send an email.