About Us

The goal of Working for a Healthier Tennessee is to encourage and enable state employees to lead healthier lives. It is supported by the ParTNers for Health Wellness Program and Here4TN.

Working for a Healthier Tennessee gives employees the tools and support they need to lead healthier lives for years to come by focusing on three areas: physical activity, healthy eating and well-being.

Focus Areas

The Working for a Healthier Tennessee initiative aims to create a healthy, positive workplace. This program shows how taking small steps can help achieve a larger goal. Our mission, vision and values drive this initiative.

  • Mission: Support healthy lifestyles and personal responsibility.
  • Vision: Create a culture of wellness that reduces health risks and lowers health care costs.
  • Values: Learning, stewardship, accountability, innovation and dedication.

Each State of Tennessee department has a Wellness Council. This is a team of employees who plan and monitor activities to promote good health for their co-workers. You’re not on your own. Your Wellness Council will have an assigned Wellness Coordinator from our team. Your Wellness Coordinator will provide the following:

  • Weekly Emails: We send weekly messages containing information about monthly health observances and other relevant health and wellness information.
  • Monthly Handouts: We send a monthly handout with an action item from the activity planner.
  • Monthly Webinars: We host a webinar with the Wellness Councils discussing activity planners, ideas to implement during health observances, sharing ideas and successes and upcoming events.
  • Social Media: We are on multiple social media platforms and update them regularly with news about upcoming events, health observances, wellness tips, motivation and more.
  • Water Cooler Talks: Each quarter we hold a webinar or in-person meeting with the Wellness Councils to hear their latest updates, feedback and successes.
  • Website: We regularly update this website with info about our initiative, recipes, credible resources, challenges, deskercises and more.
  • Quarterly Activity Lists: We send a quarterly activity list that Wellness Councils can use as a framework for their programming.

Are you interested in learning more or joining your department's Wellness Council? Email us at WFHT.TN@tn.gov.

Working for a Healthier Tennessee is just one of your wellness options as a state employee. We have created this graphic to highlight each option to help you get the resources you need.