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Working for a Healthier TN (WFHTN) has created a number of activities and challenges for each of our focus areas. You can use these as-is or easily customize them for your department. If you need assistance with customizing a challenge to meet your needs, please reach out to your WFHTN Regional Wellness Coordinator. Once you've completed an activity or challenge, please ask participants to fill out this survey so we can create the best possible wellness programs and activities for you.

You can use this sign-up sheet and this customizable flier for most challenges you host.


Physical Activity

  • Beach Ball Toss
  • Desk Stretches
  • Office Exercises
  • Stretch Break - Incorporating a stretch break into a meeting or workday allows employees to gain more movement while enhancing range of motion and muscle control, improving workflow and productivity, and cultivating overall well-being.
  • Walking Club - A walking program can help employees improve their health and encourage them to increase their physical activity. It's the simplest positive change individuals can make to effectively improve heart health. Schedule a time to meet and walk while you get to know your co-workers.
  • Walking Meeting - Hosting a walking (or strolling) meeting is an activity that allows attendees to gain more movement while being productive - sparking creativity and alertness, and improving overall well-being.
  • Who or What Am I? - A guessing game in which participants hold or tape cards (with a character or item on it) to their heads. Individuals will gather clues about their card and try to guess who or what is on their card.

Healthy Eating

  • Food Label Activity - For this, either provide food labels*, have employees bring in food labels, and/or have employees search online for food labels. Separate food labels into stations and divide employees into pairs/groups to fill out the Food Label Activity Sheet. First to complete the Food Label Activity Sheet most accurately wins! *Food labels could include (but are not limited to) a popular cereal brand, soda, bag of chips, etc.
  • Grocery Store Challenge - Looking for a longer lasting team building activity? Gather teams and encourage them to compete in this grocery store challenge!
  • Label Me Healthy Crossword Puzzle (Answer Key)
  • Taste Test (Taste Test Scoring Sheet) - Hold a taste test and encourage employees to work in teams to guess what they are tasting. *Be sure to ask employees about food allergies BEFORE having people participate in any blind taste test.