Annual Celebration


Thanks to everyone who joined us on July 20, 2022 for the 9th Annual Working for a Healthier Tennessee Awards Celebration! We always have a great time honoring the achievements of Wellness Councils and employees across the state.

Our team would like to thank executive director of Benefits Administration Laurie Lee for taking the time to help host our event. We'd also like to extend a special thanks to Commissioner Christi Branscom from the Department of General Services, Commissioner Clarence H. Carter from the Department of Human Services, Assistant Commissioner Buddy Lea from the Department of Finance & Administration and Deputy Medical Director Dr. Denise Werner from the Department of Health for sending motivational thank you messages. Another special thanks goes to Dr. Monty Burks from the Department of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services for being an inspiring and informative guest speaker!

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9th Annual Award Winners

Department of Revenue - 2022 Communicator of the Year
2022 Innovator of the Year - Department of Human Services
Department of Agriculture - 2022 AWS-Friendly
2022 Most Engaging - Department of General Services
2022 Most Improved - TRICOR & Department of Education
2022 Most Inspiring - Labor & Workforce Development
2022 Most Well-Rounded - Departments of General Services and Human Services
2022 Thinking Outside the Desktop - Departments of Correction and Transportation
2022 WFHTN All-Stars - Denise Galben, Kyle Jones & Kristina Giard-Bradford
2022 Gold Achievement Level - Agriculture, Children's Services, Commerce & Insurance
2022 Gold Achievement Level - Correction, Education, Finance & Administration
2022 Gold Achievement Level - General Services, Health, Human Services
2022 Gold Achievement Level - Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, Labor & Workforce Development, Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services
2022 Gold Achievement Level - Revenue and TDOT
2022 Silver Achievement Level - Economic & Community Development, Military, Safety & Homeland Security
2022 Bronze Achievement Level - TBI and Department of Tourist Development