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Wellness Councils

Each department's Wellness Council will work with their assigned Regional Wellness Coordinator, use the Activity Planner and other resources to select the programs their department will engage in to improve nutrition, reduce obesity and support tobacco cessation on an ongoing basis.

The Wellness Council:

  • Is a team of state employees who plan and monitor activities to promote good health for those who work in their departments.
  • Is representative of employees from all organizational levels.
  • Promotes participation in both individual and group activities.
  • Publicizes, recognizes and rewards individuals and teams who meet departmental and statewide wellness goals.

How are Wellness Councils assigned?

Each department appoints their own Wellness Council. Depending on the size of the department, the Wellness Council should be composed of, but not limited to:

  • The Wellness Chair to select the Wellness Council and interact with the Working for a Healthier Tennessee team.
    • ┬áThe Wellness Chair should:
      • Believe in the goal of improving the health of state employees and will model desired behaviors.
      • Know how to create an agenda, chair a meeting, set goals, delegate responsibilities and expect results.
      • Be respected in his/her department.
      • Report programming on an ongoing basis with their assigned Regional Wellness Coordinator.
      • Could also create a co-chair position.
      • Have a succession plan in place if they decide to leave the Chair position.
  • Public Information Officer to publicize departmental wellness activities and successes through newsletters, posters, intranet and social media.
  • Site Champion(s) to help carry out the goals of his/her Wellness Council.
  • Someone from the department's Human Resources office and/or Legal Office.
  • Other committee members that represent various regions and levels of staff.