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Lunch 'n Learns/Webinars

If you'd like Working for a Healthier Tennessee to present a Lunch 'n Learn at your office or via webinar, check out our topics and descriptions of each presentation below. Please email us at to schedule one of our offerings or let us know if you're interested in something from the ActiveHealth Presentation Menu.

Here4TN also offers several trainings. You can browse their topics here. To schedule a Here4TN Training:

  1. Navigate to the LEADERS section of the Here4TN website.
  2. Scroll down to pinpoint the "Training Request Form" under Manager Resources > Training Programs.

Tips for completing the Here4TN Training Request Form:

  • (OPTIONAL) Add 'ADDITIONAL EMAILS FOR NOTIFICATIONS' for individuals you want to be in-the-loop on the training.
  • Are Company Contact & Requester the Same? = NO
  • Authorization Required for Account = NO
  • Using bank of hours = YES
  • Are you requesting a Custom Topic or a Catalog Topic for this training? = CATALOG
  • Comments or Special Instructions = This is where you would specify your training length if you desire something different than what the Here4TN Catalog states. (It can be as little as 30 minutes.)

As a supervisor, if you need more support from Here4TN, they have manual just for you. Click here to access it.

Presentations from Working for a Healthier Tennessee

Be Heart Smart – Learn physical activity and nutrition tips for a healthy heart, along with the facts on high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attack and stroke.

Beat the Winter Blues: Exercise and Nutrition Tips – Learn tips on eating a balanced diet and exercising efficiently and safely during the winter months.

Got Sugar? Don’t Let Diabetes Affect You – Learn the facts on prediabetes and diabetes along with proper physical activity and nutrition recommendations to prevent and manage diabetes.

Health & Wellness Trends – Review the latest fitness, food and wellness trends as we share our expert insight on these popular crazes.

Heat Illness and Hydration – Learn the signs, symptoms and prevention of heat related illnesses, along with proper hydration and physical activity guidelines.

Holiday Survival Plan Create a plan to survive the holiday season with healthy holiday cooking tips and also learn ways to get moving and avoid excuses.

Loneliness – You are not alone in your feelings. Loneliness has been called an epidemic due to the number of people reporting feelings of loneliness. Learn about the health effects, causes and ways to help decrease loneliness.

Making Menopause Manageable – Learn to manage menopause through proper diet and exercise.

Metabolism 101 – Learn how the body converts what you eat and drink into energy, through metabolism and how the body balances the energy you take in with the energy you use for growth, activity and daily living.

Mindfulness at Work – Learn about the many health benefits of practicing mindfulness on a daily basis, such as improving your focus and decreasing anxiety.

New Year, Healthier YOU – Let's talk about making lifestyle changes by making effective S.M.A.R.T. goals. During this presentation, the acronym S.M.A.R.T. will be discussed along with several examples of S.M.A.R.T. goals!

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (N.E.A.T.) – Learn how to expend 15-50% more of your total calories in a day without going to the gym for a scheduled exercise session.

Office Ergonomics – This presentation discusses proper workstation set-up to promote employee health and safety and to optimize productivity.  Handouts include a proper workstation set-up graphic.

Self-Care “Self-care” is a term thrown around a lot, but experts say it’s often misunderstood. In this presentation, explore what self-care really is, understand how it relates to burnout in the workplace, and learn strategies for practicing better self-care.

Small Steps Lead to Big Changes – Have a goal but not sure how to reach and maintain it? Learn the basics of physical activity and nutrition with simple steps to take towards a healthier lifestyle.

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting – Helps individuals focus on making small changes by using S.M.A.R.T. goals, helps to determine an individual’s readiness to change and provides tips on identifying and eliminating barriers.  S.M.A.R.T. goals can be used when making lifestyle changes in nutrition, physical activity and beyond.

Taking Time Away From Technology – Did you know that technology can be incredibly addicting? Learn the signs and symptoms of technology addiction and ways to break free.

The Fight Against Inflammation – When inflammation persists day in and day out that's when inflammation can become your enemy. Learn ways to fight chronic inflammation with physical activity and a healthy eating plan.

Wellness at Work - Physical activity and healthy eating tips to incorporate wellness into your workday. 

Wellness Wheel – The Wellness Wheel is a fun activity to incorporate at your next All Staff meeting or other employee gatherings. The wheel has six sections that encompass your overall well-being.

Avoiding Injuries During Exercise – Learn tips on how to get started with a new exercise program safely. Prevent injuries by following proper pre- and post-exercise safety tips.

Choosing the Right Equipment – Did you know that you can have an effective workout session using only your body weight? Gym memberships and home exercise equipment are excellent exercise solutions for many people, but keep in mind even the best equipment and most tricked-out gyms only produce results when used regularly. We’ll share you the basics on choosing the right equipment for your needs.

Exercise 101 Learn the what, when and how of starting and maintaining a safe exercise routine.

Exercise for Arthritis A guide on how to choose appropriate and beneficial exercises for those with arthritis. There is an explanation of the different levels of exercise, as well as a breakdown of the four main types of exercises and tips: (1) flexibility, (2) strengthening, (3) aerobic and (4) body awareness.

Functional Injury Prevention – Learn the exercise principles and proper nutrition to avoid everyday injuries.

Home Exercise Program – Are you ready to exercise without ever stepping foot in a gym? Learn the general guidelines for an exercise program, along with many options of home exercises to choose from involving either limited equipment or none at all.

Upping Your Activity at Home – We all know that physical activity is important. But what are the benefits of regular activity? Learn some benefits, the current recommendations, active ideas for breaks and some resources for engaging in physical activity at home.

Create Your Plate – Learn about what all goes into making a balanced plate, examples of how to make healthier choices in each part of the plate, and examples of well-balanced meals.

Eat the Rainbow – How many different colors of fruits and vegetables have you eaten in the last week? Learn about the benefits of the different colors of fruits and vegetables and ways to incorporate more into your meals.

Food Journaling 101 – Have you tried food journaling? Learn how to use a food journal to help you improve your health. Understand your eating habits by tracking what you eat and drink.

Get the Facts on Food Labels – This presentation will help you to become a smart shopper by reading food labels. Learn how to find good food sources of fiber and calcium, compare fat and calorie content of similar foods, and look for foods low in saturated fats.

Healthier Eating While Working from Home – Get a refresh on why healthier eating is important and learn some strategies to become more efficient in your own home kitchen! We'll review ideas on how to stock a healthy pantry, fridge and freezer, and address how to overcome obstacles around emotional eating.

Healthier Lunches There are over 250 workdays in a year which means a lot of lunches at work! But it’s not always easy to know what to pack and how to make that mid-day meal better-for-you. Learn about healthier lunches for you and your family in this presentation.

Healthy Eating During the Holidays – During the season of sweets, it can be hard to stick to healthy eating habits. Learn how to develop a healthy holiday eating action plan at home, at work and while traveling. We’ll include tips on how to cook and bake healthier, party survival strategies, and more!

Healthy Food Substitutions Keeping It Tasty - A guide for people to make healthier swaps while keeping the flavor. Each food group will be discussed with ways to make healthier choices in each. Also included is healthy baking swaps, restaurant substitutions, and texture swaps!

Healthy Meal Planning on the Go – Instead of turning to fast food or carry-out during the week, this guide gives basic nutritional information, meal planning tips and lists simple and tasty recipes for employees to try.

Healthy Dining – This presentation helps people make wise choices when eating outside of the home. Tips and tools to eat smart while dining out with the family.

Plant-based Plate – The plant-based movement continues to grow in popularity. In this presentation, the definition and benefits of plant-based meals are discussed, along with examples of plant-based meals.

Portion Distortion – What you eat is just one part of good nutrition. This presentation clears the confusion between portions sizes and serving sizes and provide tips on avoiding common portion pitfalls.

What Do We Know about E-Cigarettes? – This ~15-minute recorded presentation informs listeners of the effects of e-cigarettes on health.