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Corrections and Revisions to SWDB Policies (8/25/2023)

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Regional and Local Plans

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TN WIOA 16-1 | SPARQ Security


State Apprenticeship Funding Announcement

FY 2022-2023 Justice Involved Grant Funding Announcement

Title I Adult and Dislocated Worker Eligibility

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2022-2023 WIOA Monitoring Guide (October 2022)

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2021-2022 WIOA Monitoring Guide

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TN WIOA 16-7 | Participant Wage

TN WIOA 16-8 | Termination

TN WIOA 16-13 | Participant Approved Break

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Youth Eligibility Criteria "Requires Additional Assistance"

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SCSEP Durational Limit

TN WIOA 16-1 | SPARQ Security 

Veteran and Eligible Spouse Priority of Service

SCSEP Host Agency Closures due to Natural Disasters, Pandemics

TN WIOA 16-8 | Termination

TN WIOA 16-7 | Participant Wage

TN WIOA 16-13 | Participant Approved Break

TN WIOA 16-4 | Transitional Regional Planning

TN WIOA 17-9 | Board Meeting Information Access
 Frequently Asked Questions

CLEO Roles & Responsibilities

Steps for Submitting the Quarterly Complaint Log, Intended for American Job Center Staff

Prohibition of Local Workforce Development Boards a Direct Providers of One-Stop System Services

Policy update - 80% Obligation Policy and State Reserve/Rapid Response Funds

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Delivering Reentry Services to Justice-Involved Individuals

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Persons Defined as Low-Income Individuals

One-Stop Operator and Career Service Provider Contract Guidance

LWDA Supportive Services

AJC Initial Assessment

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Local Workforce Development Board Monitoring Activities

Correcting Disallowed Cost

Interlocal Agreement template

Interlocal and Partnership Agreements Concerning Roles and Responsibilities of CLEOs and LEOs

Interlocal and Partnership Agreement Policy (Executive Summary)

Local Governance (Executive Summary)

Partnership Agreement template

Managing Network Access Rights and Obligations

One-Stop Operator and Career Service Provider Procurement - updated

Adult Priority of Services

TN WIOA 17-5 | Veteran and Eligible Spouse Priority of Service

TN WIOA 16-6 | Grievance

TN WIOA 16-5 | Duration Limit

TN WIOA 17-12 | Requesting Additional WIOA Funds

TN-WIOA 18-4 | One-Stop System Design

Regional and Local Plans PY 18-20

TN WIOA 16-13 Participant Approved Break Executive Summary

Youth Program Service Design Executive Summary

TN WIOA 17-6 Veteran Referral Process Executive Summary

TN WIOA 17-5 Veteran and Eligible Spouse Priority of Service Executive Summary

TN WIOA 16-9 Eligible Trainer Provider List - Updated Executive Summary

TN WIOA 17-3 Transfer Authority Executive Summary

TN WIOA 17-2 Conflict of Interest Executive Summary

TN WIOA 17-1 Allowable and Unallowable Costs Executive Summary

Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Grants

Consolidated Business Grant

TN-WIOA 15-1 | Designation of Local Workforce Area

Realignment FAQs

Local Board Rules During Realignment

Local Workforces Development Area Re-alignment (Steps and Processes for Chief Local Elected Officials and Local Development Boards)

Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Program Monthly Status Report

TN-WIOA 18-2 | Re-alignment of Local Workforce Development Areas

WIOA Inventory and Re-alignment

Local Workforce Development Board Member Conflict of Interest

CLEO Roles & Responsibilities

Remedies and Sanctions Notice

2018 Re-Alignment Goals and Reminders (Designation of Local Board and Local Board Staff)

TN WIOA 17-4 | Transitional Local Plans (Executive Summary)

TN WIOA 17-11 | Minimum Participant Cost Rate - Updated (Frequently Asked Questions)

2019 Monitoring Guide

2018 Monitoring Guide

Consolidated Business Grants 06/30/2017

TN-WIOA 16-3 | One Stop Certification

TN-WIOA 16-12 | One-Stop Design and Delivery System Executive Summary

Interlocal Agreements

National Emergency Grant Manual

TN WIOA 16-2 | Low-Income Individuals

PY08 Senior Employment Service Coordination Plan

Priority of Services to Veterans

Policy 19  |  Career Center Chartering

Policy #6  |  Local Governance

Policy 00-03 Services to Dislocated Workers

Policy 00-04 Services to Dislocated Workers (TAA and NAFTA-TAA Coordination)

00-02 -- Services to Youth

00-04 -- Dislocated Workers/TAA--NAFTA--TAA Coordination

00-05 -- 00-06 C1 -- Equal Opportunity

00-05, C2 -- Equal Opportunity

00-06, C2 -- Equal Opportunity 

00-07 -- Services to Youth

00-12 -- Co-enrollment TAA-NAFTA and WIA Services

01-13 -- Procedures for Requesting Additional Funds for WIA Title I Services

01-13, C1 -- Procedures for Requesting Additional Funds for WIA Title I Services

01-14 -- State Defines Credentials

01-16 -- Lower Living Standard Income Levels (LLSIL 2001)

01-17 -- Process to Coordinate WIA and Pell

02-20 -- LLSIL (2002)

02-21 -- Prevocational Services

02-22 -- Requests for Funding Skills-Shortages Projects

02-23 -- Incentives/Sanctions LWDA

02-23, C1 -- Incentives/Sanctions LWDA PY 2001-02

03-25 -- LLSIL (2003)

04-26 -- Deobligation and Reallocation of WIA Title I Funds (Rescinded)

04-29 -- LLSIL (2004)

05-29 -- LLSIL (2005)

05-29, C1 -- LLSIL (2006)

06-30 -- LLSIL (2006)

06-30, C1 -- LLSIL (2007)

07-35 -- Transfer of Funds

07-37 -- Change to I-9 Form

08-40 -- Lower Living Standard Income Levels (LLSIL 2008) (R 01-16, etc.)

08-41 -- Recapturing Unexpended Workforce Investment Title I Funds

09-42 -- Employer Services 

09-43 -- Lower Living Standard Income Levels (LLSIL 2009) (R 01-16, etc.) 

10-46 -- Lower Living Standard Income Levels (LLSIL 2010)

10-47 -- Program Design of Youth Services

11-48 -- Lower Living Standard Income Levels (LLSIL 2011) 

12-49 -- Information Security

12-52 -- Notice of Determination of Income Guidelines for Persons Defined as Low Income Individuals

Policy 07-34 Career Readiness Certificate

Archived SCSEP Policies

Policy 04-28  |  Eligibility Process for Incumbent Workers

OJT Policy

Policy 12-51   

Policy 00-01 Services to Dislocated Worker

Policy 00-03 Services to Dislocated Workers

Policy 00-08 Services to Adults and Dislocated Workers

Policy 00-09 Services to Youth, Adults, and Dislocated Workers

Policy 00-10 Services to Adults – Eligibility Criterion

Policy 00-11 Services to Adults – Local Policy

Policy 00-05

Policy 00-06

Policy 04-27  |  Non-Discrimination

Policy 01-15  |  Reporting Rapid Response Activities

Policy 12 -50  |  Guidance on requesting Rapid Response Set-Aside for OJT

SCSEP Policy #6  |  Grievances

SCSEP Policy #5  |  Terminations

SCSEP Policy #4  |  Durational Waiver

SCSEP Policy #3  |  Wages

Policy 00-12  |  Coordination WIA Enrollment/TAA Assessment Referrals

Policy 07-36  |  Enhanced Services – TAA/Dislocated Workers Coordination 

Policy 07-32  |  Assessment Tools

Policy 07-34, C1  |  Career Readiness Certificate

Coordination WIA Enrollment/TAA Assessment Referral

Coordination of WIA and Pell/Lottery

Credential and Diploma and Certificate

Policy 09-42, C1  |  Employer Services

Policy 07-33  |  Federal Minimum Wage

Policy 03-24  |  Follow-up Services

Policy 08-39  |  Penalties – Missing LWDA Deadlines

Policy 8  |  One Stop Delivery 

On the Job (OJT) Policy

Policy 02-21, C1  |  Prevocational Services

Policy 7 - Service Integration

Policy 3  |  Information Security Policy

Policy 2  |  Form I-9 Policy

Policy 10-45  |  WIA Complaint or Grievance

Policy 3  |  Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Information Security

Policy 4  |  WS Policy Program Design of Youth Services

Policy 00-02 Services to Youth

Policy 00-07 Services to Youth

Policy 02-19 Youth Services Program

Policy 6-31 – Process – Waiver for Approved Youth