The mission of the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development
is to advance workforce development and improve workplace safety.

Unemployed Tennesseans: Employment Security Division services after job loss

Providing Unemployment Benefits & Reemployment Assistance
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Qualifying for Unemployment Benefits  |  How to Apply  |  Information Needed
Online Application for Unemployment Benefits  |  Weekly Certification
Filing an Appeal  |  Avoiding Fraud  |  Overpayment
Training Opportunities  |  Unemployment FAQ
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Workforce development & job seeker services in Workforce Services Division
Tennessee Occupational Safety & Health Administration (TOSHA)
Workplace Regulations & Compliance Division

Regulating Safety & Labor Standards
Hiring Regulations  |  Labor Standards
Amusement Device Unit  |  Boiler Unit
Elevator Unit  |  Mine Safety Unit

Employer accounts & services in Employment Security Division

Accessing Employer Unemployment
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Work Refusal  |  Multiple Work Refusals
Recall Refusal  |  Fraud  |  LB-0441
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Report Change  |  Handbook

Adult Education Division
Bureau of Workers' Compensation

Supporting Injured Workers
Guide to Workers' Comp  |  Services 
For Injured Workers  |  For Employers
REWARD  |  Comp Rates  |  Exemptions

Business services for employers in Workforce Services Division

Promoting Employee Recruitment
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Apprenticeships  |  Employer Training
Labor Market Reports  |  WARN Notices

Tennessee Economic Data from WIRED

Commute Patterns

Explore commuters by age, industry, and numbers into and out of counties.


View characteristics of the population by county, region, and year.

Labor Force Statistics

Get an overview of the labor force and a history of unemployment rates.

Labor Force Participation Analysis

View labor force, non-labor force, industry, and claims dashboards.

Department's Other Websites

Manage unemployment claims and search for jobs.

Learn a new trade while earning a paycheck.

Visit the Department's complete listing of services for job seekers.

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