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1099-G Income Tax forms for unemployment wages are not yet available but will be ready to download online by January 31
Click Here for Updates Regarding the Emergency Temporary Standard for Workplace COVID-19 Vaccinations or Testing

Exploring Careers

Prepared job seekers know the needs and trends of the job market. Knowledge of general and detailed labor market information including wages, occupational and industry trends, market conditions, and economic information contribute to a successful job search.


Occupations in Demand

View job projections, look up employers, and see how Tennessee jobs stack up against the unemployment rate.

Discover New Career Paths

Researching a career is different than looking for a job. Find relevant labor market information here that can guide your career choices.

Occupational Wages

Wage information can guide the job seeker in finding out the average pay for a job in Tennessee, and also employers can determine the going rate of pay for a job within any industry in Tennessee.

TN Pathways

The mission of Pathways TN is to ensure all Tennesseans are prepared for high-quality, in-demand careers by promoting education-to-career learning pathways that are seamless, collaborative, and regionally relevant.