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Roadway Data Office

Vacant | Planning Manager
Roadway Data Office
Long Range Planning Division
James K. Polk Building, Suite 1000
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0344

The Roadway Data Office primary functions are roadway inventory and GPS center line data collection, maintenance of the Department’s Linear Reference System (LRS) of approximately 96,000 miles of roadway, maintenance of geographic features used in GIS and Planning activities, and research to improve the efficiency of our data collections methods, data structure and storage, and data maintenance. 

The data collection and maintenance activities performed by the Roadway Data Office supports the TRIMS and E-TRIMS application which allows users to accurately visualize roadway data and produce relevant datasets for ongoing projects and studies.  These functions are performed using guidelines from the Federal Highway Administration.

The Roadway Data Office research is an analysis of current software, hardware, and work flows and to find and make recommendations for possible transition to newer methodologies.

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