Data Visualization Office

Chris McPhilamy, GISP | Planning Manager
Long Range Planning Division
James K. Polk Building, Suite 1000
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0344

The Data Visualization Office acts as the analytical GIS hub for all spatial and non-spatial TDOT related data across the agency. The office creatively interprets and decodes otherwise complicated planning information into useful and workable methodologies, maps, and tools. Its goal is to support the distribution of TDOT data through the production of both digital and printed GIS maps. The Data Visualization Office creates award winning visual representations of TDOT's transportation data using GIS technology as well as provides in-depth GIS project support and guidance to other divisions, state agencies, RPO's, and MPO's.

The printed, color edition of the Official State Transportation Map, for motorists and promotion of Tourism, is produced annually and is free to the public upon request. To order the map, please visit the Maps section of the TDOT website.

Click here to see a portfolio of some of the products of the Data Visualization Office.