Data Analytics

In addition to GIS Mapping, Data Analytics and Support, the Data Visualization Office provides research support to the Long Range Planning Division and the rest of Tennessee state government.

Research Projects that Data Visualization has worked on or is currently working on include

County Profile Tool - - This application was developed to provide easy access to transportation and census related information.  Meant for decision makers as much as the inquisitive, it provides a unique look at Tennessee through the lens of Transportation.  This, Version 1, is built with Public data and will be expanded in future versions to include more of TDOTs diverse data later this year.

 Tennessee Planning Resources - This is an online map of TDOT contacts, RPO contacts, MPO contacts, and Local GIS contacts.  It is updated quarterly or upon request.  As of 12/08/22 this replaces the static MPO/RPO Planning Areas Map. 

Online Mapping Products: