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Research Office

Lia Prince | Planning Manager

James K. Polk Building, Suite 900
505 Deaderick Street
Nashville TN, 37243-0344

The Research Office is in the Long Range Planning Division of the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). The office is responsible for managing TDOT’s transportation research program and initiatives. The mission of the Research Office is to enhance and improve the state’s transportation system through high quality research. All research should complement TDOT’s strategic direction, in order to further the department’s stated goals and values.

This office plans, conducts, monitors, reviews and coordinates the selection and completion of transportation research projects supported by TDOT. The Research Office shall ensure that program monitoring and reporting is completed as defined in 23 CFR 420.117, with reporting, as defined in paragraph (b), on a quarterly basis.

For most research, TDOT contracts with state colleges and universities, as well as other research organizations. The primary funding source for TDOT research is the federal State Planning and Research (SPR) program. FHWA provides SPR funds to TDOT on a Federal-State matching basis of 80% Federal and 20% State.

The three main tasks of the Research Office are as follows:

  • Coordinate research-related activities with FHWA, NCHRP, TRB, AASHTO, ATRI and other transportation organizations
  • Monitor and manage research projects and the research program
  • Implement research findings and insights and blend into TDOT policy and practice

Additional tasks are as follows:

  • Identify state transportation research needs
  • Solicit, evaluate and recommend research projects for funding
  • Work with TDOT project sponsors and researchers to ensure good communication, careful project planning, clear scopes of work and timely completion
  • Review proposed research topics for duplication by other state DOT's
  • Post TDOT's research final reports on FHWA’s Transportation Research Information System (TRIS) website
  • Participate in and sponsor transportation Pooled Fund studies with other DOTs on research projects with widespread applicability

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