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ST=State / LE=Local Education / LG=Local Government

Butch Eley  (ST, LE, LG)
Commissioner, Department of Finance and Administration

David Lillard (ST, LE, LG)

Justin Wilson (ST, LE, LG)
Comptroller of the Treasury

Hodgen Mainda (ST, LE)
Commissioner, Department of Commerce and Insurance

Juan Williams (ST)
Commissioner, Department of Human Resources

Maryanne Durski (LE)
Department of Education Representative

Vicki Burton (ST)
State Employee Representative

Michelle Consiglio-Young (ST)
State Employee Representative

Randy Stamps (ST)
Tennessee State Employees Association (TSEA) Representative

Rob Chance (ST)
Higher Education Representative

Bo Watson (ST)
Senator, Chair, Senate Finance, Ways and Means Committee

Susan Lynn (ST)
Representative, Chair, House Finance, Ways and Means Committee

Robert (Scott) Langford (LE)
Middle TN Teacher Representative

Vacant (LE)
West TN Teacher Representative

Erin Johnson (LE)
East TN Teacher Representative

Jennifer White (LE)
Tennessee School Boards Association (TSBA) Representative

Kevin Krushenski (LG)
Tennessee Municipal League (TML) Representative

Nathan Brock (LG)
Tennessee County Services Association (TCSA) Representative