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Timber Marking Service

Timber marking

Timber Marking Services are provided for purposes such as:

  • sustained yield forestry
  • where a harvest may not be best silviculturally but may be effective in minimizing harm and providing for the future forest

Timber Marking Services are not provided for purposes such as:

  • When timber marking is inadvisable in the opinion of the Area Forester and District Forester, based on TDF availability and silvicultural, economic, and landowner goals
  • Conversion of land away from an approved natural resource use

Provide TDF Timber Marking Services where a landowner has evidence of two private consulting foresters that work in the area and have declined to provide the service.

The following documents and publications or current links are helpful and should be provided to the customer:


Timber Marked - Sawtimber (Int'l 1/4 Inch Rule) $8.80 MBF
Timber Marked/Designated - Pulpwood $30.00 per acre

How to Request Services

Contact your local Area Forester to request timber marking services by referring to our staff directory.