Prescribed Burning and Standby

Prescribed burning

Prescribed Burning and Standby Services are provided for purposes such as:

  • site preparation associated with tree planting
  • control undesirable vegetation
  • pine timber stand improvement
  • wildlife and habitat restoration
  • fire dependent forests management
  • fuel reduction
  • warm and/or cool season grass management

Prescribed Burning and Standby Services are not provided for purposes such as:

  • Burning brush piles and windrows
  • Conversion of land away from an approved natural resource use

Given the somewhat unpredictable nature of fire, prescribed burning in hardwood stands will only be provided under strict burning conditions and techniques to minimize damage to sawtimber and young potential sawtimber or where the landowner and forester agree that damage to hardwood trees is acceptable or desired.

Rates - Prescribed Burning

Minimum Fee $450.00
Greater than 10 acres $450 plus $45.00 per acre
Greater than 100 acres $4,500 plus $35.00 per acre


  • 2.2 Acres = (Minimum fee) $ 450.00
  • 50 Acres = 50 Ac x $45.00 = = $ 2,250
  • 150 Acres = $4,500 + (50 X $35.00) = $ 6,250

Rates - Standby Services

Landowner conducts prescribed burning; TDF personnel and equipment are onsite and ready to take action if needed.

Minimum Fee $450.00
Traveling to and from the burn site included in minimum fee
Initial standby at the burn site first two hours included in minimum fee
Extended standby and fire suppression, beyond first two hours actual cost of personnel & equipment added to minimum fee

How to Request Services

Contact your local Area Forester to request prescribed burning and standby services by referring to our staff directory.