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Fuel Quality Reports

The Annual Report summarizes the activities of the department in performing the duties and responsibilities assigned by the Kerosene and Motor Fuels Quality Inspection Act of 1989. The reports include the following information:

  • The total number of inspections performed and samples collected;
  • The total number of inspections performed and samples collected from refiners, blenders, storage facilities, transporters, wholesalers, retailers and others;
  • The results of inspections and tests conducted, including the number and categories of violations as well as enforcement activities undertaken with respect to such violations;
  • The geographical distribution by county of violations;
  • The number and categories of consumer complaints, alleging violations of this part, received by the department;
  • A summary of investigations conducted in response to consumer complaints;
  • The costs of conducting the inspection and testing program;
  • Legislative recommendations for improving compliance with this part;

Annual Reports on Kerosene and Motor Fuel Quality in TN

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