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Fuel Quality Complaints

The Department tests for quality on motor fuel, conducting routine inspections and pulling random samples for lab analysis from any establishment that conveys motor fuel for sale in the state on an annual basis.

The Department can help you if you think you have received “bad” or contaminated fuel. Consumer and Industry Services Personnel will investigate all consumer complaints on motor fuel quality or quantity.  However, the consumer can aid in this process by contacting the department as soon as possible after the purchase so we may visually inspect and pull a sample for lab analysis while the product is still available. It is very helpful if the consumer can identify the type and grade of product purchased along with the pump number the fuel was dispensed from.  A receipt of the purchase can be very helpful and normally contains this information.

The Department cannot help you recover associated expenses incurred as a result of purchasing contaminated fuel. You will receive a copy of the lab analysis on the sample that you may use to support your claims.

To File a Consumer Complaint

Call 1-800-628–2631 (1-800-OCTANE1).  This number is also printed on the approval stickers on retail fuel dispensing devices.