Fuel Quality Complaints

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture conducts routine inspections and collects fuel samples for analysis from any establishment that conveys motor fuel for sale in Tennessee on an annual basis.

If you think you have received “bad” or contaminated fuel and want to file a complaint, please see the section below on how to submit a complaint. You must contact us as soon as possible so that we can inspect and pull a sample for laboratory analysis while the suspect product is still available.

Once a complaint has been filed, inspectors from the Consumer and Industry Services will go to the site and do some or all of the following depending on the nature of the complaint:

  • Check the storage tank of the fuel for the presence of water
  • Check the pump and hoses for issues
  • Collect a fuel sample to be sent off to the laboratory for analysis

The Department cannot help you recover any associated expenses incurred resulting from the purchase of “bad” or contaminated fuel but you do have the right to proceed in civil court to collect damages from those persons who conveyed the kerosene or motor fuel for consumption.  You will receive copies of the site inspections and the laboratory analysis that you may use to support your claims.

How to File a Fuel Quality Complaint

Call 1-800-628–2631 (1-800-OCTANE1) This number is printed on the approval stickers on retail fuel dispensing devices or call 615-837-5147 Petroleum Quality Office and leave us a detailed message with your contact information and we’ll get back to you.

We also have an online form for you to file your complaint here.

Email the following information to weights.measures@tn.gov with “Fuel Quality Complaint” in the subject line of the email.

1.     Your contact information so that we can contact you if more information is needed

2.     A copy of the receipt of the purchase, if available, as it will list items 3 through 6 on it.

3.     The date the fuel was purchased

4.     Name and address of the site where the fuel was purchased

5.     Pump number the fuel was dispensed from

6.     Type of fuel that was purchased

  • Gasoline - Regular Unleaded
  • Gasoline - Mid-Grade Unleaded
  • Gasoline - Premium
  • Diesel
  • Kerosene
  • Ethanol Flex Fuel
  • Propane

7.     Type of Fuel Complaint

  • Engine Failure - Complete
  • Engine Hesitation
  • Engine Knock
  • Engine Stall
  • Engine Start
  • Other
  • Heating Efficiency - Furnace Operation

8.     Description of the complaint