Workplace Regulations and Compliance (WRC) Division

TN Department of Labor & Workforce Development

WRC oversees a variety of units that protect people from potential hazards, enforce labor laws, or provide health and safety training. The units are Amusement Device, Boiler, Elevator, Labor Standards, and Mine Safety.

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About the Workplace Regulations and Compliance (WRC) Division

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development's Workplace Regulations and Compliance (WRC) Division oversees a diverse set of compliance programs: Amusement Device Unit, Boiler Unit, Elevator Unit, Labor Standards Unit, and Mine Safety Unit.

  • The Amusement Device Unit, Boiler Unit, and Elevator Unit protect the general public, owners, operators, users, and their employees from the potential hazards inherent to the operation of boilers, pressure vessels, elevators, aerial tramways, chairlifts, escalators, dumbwaiters, moving walks, and amusement devices. Boilers and pressure vessels are inspected annually or biennially by state and insurance inspectors. Elevator inspections are performed by state inspectors annually. The Amusement Device Unit ensures that annual amusement device permits are obtained. Qualified third-party inspectors are required to inspect fixed and portable devices throughout Tennessee at least annually.
  • The Labor Standards Unit enforces six labor laws: Child Labor Act, Illegal Alien Act, Non-Smoker Protection Act, Prevailing Wage Act, Tennessee Lawful Employment Act, and Wage Regulations Act. Every year the unit conducts child-labor and non-smoker protection inspections, processes claims for unpaid wages, and performs on-site prevailing wage inspections on state-funded highway construction projects to ensure workers are correctly paid. The unit also receives complaints from local, state, and federal agencies if there are allegations of unlawful hiring practices related to illegal aliens and whether workers are lawfully authorized to work. Also, WRC conducts training for the employers on the requirements of these labor laws as to their responsibilities when hiring and employing workers.
  • The Mine Safety Unit provides federal and state mandated health and safety training to workers in coal mines, metal mines, sand and gravel pits, and crushed stone quarries; issues mine foreman certifications; and licenses coal and metal mines (surface and underground) to operate. It is responsible for maintaining and training two mine rescue teams for response to mine emergencies.

All units ensure visitors and citizens of Tennessee and/or the general public are safe from harm.

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