Who Must Carry Insurance

The Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Law requires certain employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance benefits.  Two equally important objectives are reached when this occurs.

Exemption Registry

The exemption allows a business owner to exempt him or herself from the requirement to carry workers’ compensation insurance on him or herself.

Reporting a Claim

If your employee gets hurt at work or gets sick from his/her job, Tennessee’s Workers’ Compensation Law requires most employers to pay for the medical treatment needed. Employee benefits are spelled out in state law.

Employer Responsibilities

Carry insurance. 
Accept reports of injury.
Report to insurance.
Earn trust.

Required Posting Notice

Every employer subject to the Workers’ Compensation Law is required to display the Tennessee Workers' Compensation Insurance Notice. 


Most Tennessee employers are required to secure workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. The Compliance Unit educates employers on how to stay compliant.

Drug-Free Workplace Program

The Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Program is designed to increase productivity for Tennessee employers and promote safe worksites for employees by promoting drug- and alcohol-free workplaces.

REWARD Program

The REWARD Program provides resources to improve the recovery process and return employees to work within their physical restrictions as early as possible, which benefits both employers and employees.

Medical Panel

Employers are required to offer the worker a choice of physicians when a work-related injury is reported.

RTW Brochure

Start the return-to-work conversation with injured workers with this brochure. It identifies the impacts a work injury have on their health, career, and family.  Recommend the five-step process to getting back into the workplace.

Safety Committees

Injury prevention is perhaps the single most effective method of cost containment; it's also very good business.

FAQs for Employers

The Bureau has answered frequently asked questions regarding employers for your convenience.