Preparing for Renewals

The annual renewal process, also known as redetermination or reverification, is required by the state and federal government to make sure people on TennCare are still eligible. After being on hold for three years, TennCare members and providers can start preparing today.

Members, make sure TennCare has your correct contact information and open all mail, emails, or texts from TennCare.

What can members do now to prepare for renewals?

  1. Verify your contact information with TennCare by visiting or calling 855-259-0701.
  2. Be sure to open and respond to all mail, emails, or texts from TennCare.
  3. Sign up for TennCare Connect, TennCare’s free, online portal ( and select your communication preferences (text, email, mail, etc.)
  4. Download the TennCare Connect app onto your mobile device to access notices and information quickly.
  • When renewals begin, TennCare will have 12-months to complete every household’s renewal.
  • At the beginning of renewals, most TennCare members will be able to view their renewal month online at TennCare Connect or by calling 855-259-0701.
  • TennCare will first attempt to auto-renew every member’s health care coverage during their renewal month using existing and allowable data sources, like SNAP eligibility and IRS information. If TennCare can verify that a member still qualifies, the individual will receive a notice that their coverage was renewed.
  • If TennCare cannot auto-renew coverage using existing data sources, the member will receive a pre-populated renewal packet by mail or a notification by email, depending on their selected preference.
  • A member will be able to complete the renewal packet in any of these ways: 
    • Online, 
    • by phone, 
    • by mail, 
    • by fax, or
    • any Department of Human Services (DHS) county office can send your completed packet and proof to TennCare or you can use their kiosk to complete online.
  • A member will have 40-days to complete the packet.