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Gabe Roberts

Deputy Commissioner 
Department of TennCare

Gabe Roberts is the Deputy Commissioner and Director of TennCare,
Tennessee’s Medicaid program.  In his current role, Mr. Roberts manages a
$12 billion health care enterprise that provides services to 1.4 million
Tennesseans.  Before becoming director Mr. Roberts served as the deputy
director and chief operating officer of TennCare.  He also previously served
as general counsel. During his tenure at TennCare, Roberts was instrumental in
the design and implementation of many of the agency’s initiatives including the
Tennessee Health Care Innovation Initiative, the Employment and Community First
CHOICES program, and the agency’s strategy to combat the opioid epidemic in
Tennessee. Before joining TennCare, he practiced law at the Nashville law firm
Sherrard, Roe, Voigt & Harbison where his focus was corporate and business