TennCare is committed to fostering an informative and community-focused online experience. We aim to facilitate meaningful conversations and will review comments and other direct interactions with our social media content to ensure they stay focused and respectful.

TennCare reserves the right to hide or delete comments or interactions that do not align with our community guidelines. Comments or interactions containing any of the following do not align with TennCare community engagement goals and will be hidden or removed as soon as possible. Furthermore, users who repeatedly violate the following guidelines may be blocked from the page. The following types of comments or interactions are prohibited:

  • Profane language or content
  • Personal attacks on individuals or protected groups
  • Profane, defamatory, offensive, abusive or harassing language
  • “Trolling” – which is posting deliberately disruptive comments meant to hijack comment threads and derail discussion
  • Conduct or encouragement of illegal, harmful or offensive activity
  • Personal promotions
  • Comments unrelated to the subject of the post
  • Links to non- government run websites

Users should not post any personally identifiable information such as social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, and email or telephone numbers. TennCare is not responsible for ensuring that such information is removed prior to posting. If you have questions about an application, coverage, or TennCare services, please reach out to TennCare Connect at 855-259-0701.

Information posted on TennCare’s social media is only intended to be general summary information for public use. This information does not replace written law or regulations, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have questions about a medical condition, always seek the advice of a doctor or other qualified health professional.

Contact information below is for MEDIA USE ONLY. For other TennCare contacts visit the Contact Us page.

Amy Lawrence:
Director of Communications