All Medicaid agencies like TennCare are required to redetermine the eligibility of its members at least once a year. This means TennCare must review members’ information and decide if they still qualify for coverage. When it’s time to determine if a member still qualifies for coverage, TennCare may send some members a Renewal Packet. These packets include forms that must be completed, signed, and returned to TennCare by the date requested in the letter. For members to keep their TennCare they must:

1. Make sure TennCare has a current address. Members can call 855-259-0701 for free to update their address.

2. Complete and sign the Renewal Packet sent to them in the mail and send it back to TennCare as soon as possible.

3. Open all mail from TennCare and follow the instructions.

There are 4 ways to renew your coverage:

1. Use TennCare Connect to complete your renewal online. Go to and log in to your TennCare Connect account. Then click “Renew my Benefits”.

2. Call TennCare Connect for free at 855-259-0701 to renew your coverage over the phone.

3. Mail your completed and signed Renewal Packet to:

TennCare Connect
P.O. Box 305240
Nashville, TN 37230-5240

4. Fax your completed and signed Renewal Packet to: 855-315-0669

Be sure to keep the page that says your fax went through.

Do you need help with your Renewal Packet?

Call TennCare Connect for free at 855-259-0701 to get help with your Renewal Packet over the phone.

To request a free Instruction Guide on how to complete your Renewal Packet call TennCare Connect at 855-259-0701.

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