Dental Benefits for Adult Medicaid Enrollees

Routine and emergency dental care are safe during pregnancy and improved oral health can lead to better health outcomes for both mother and baby.

All adult TennCare enrollees now have dental benefits. Adult pregnant and postpartum enrollees will receive the same benefits and coverage as all adult members, as of January 1, 2023. Adult enrollees will be able to see a dentist at no cost to them for all medically necessary, covered dental services, which consist of regular exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, crowns, and more.

The list of covered procedure codes and additional information regarding the adult dental benefit is available on TennCare’s Dental Services page.

Referring a member to a dental provider?

To find a dentist, visit the DentaQuest website or call 855-418-1622. For a list of covered procedure codes, please visit TennCare’s Dental Services page.

Are you a TennCare Member who is pregnant? Remember to update TennCare Connect!

You can update your TennCare Connect account by calling 855-259-0701 or visiting For detailed instructions on how to update your TennCare Connect account, visit the Notify TennCare of a Pregnancy page.

You can find a dentist by calling DentaQuest at 855-418-1622 or visiting

Communication Resources

Resources are available for general use to help raise awareness around available benefits. These resources can be distributed online, printed for distribution, or posted on doors of waiting rooms or exam rooms.