Voluntary Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (vLARC)

TennCare has worked diligently to decrease barriers to voluntary Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (vLARCs) for members. In 2016, the MCOs worked effectively with TennCare to make vLARCs more readily available at the time of delivery to meet members where they are. Reimbursement of immediate postpartum vLARCs was unbundled from the global obstetric billing to facilitate rapid access to all forms of contraception rather than waiting until a follow-up visit to place the vLARC.

For more information please contact the Managed Care Organization directly:

Wellpoint (formerly known as Amerigroup)



Provider Services
Cheri Moreland, VP, Member Engagement and Systems Innovation
Tammy Thompson, RN, CCM
Clinical Manager

In 2021, TennCare partnered with Stellar Pharmacy, to implement an inventory management program using their proprietary smart dispensing cabinet called XpeDose™. The XpeDose™ cabinet is placed in the provider’s office/clinic stocked with a full array of vLARCs and replenished as needed free of charge. XpeDose™ software facilitates claims processing in real time and dispensing of a vLARC at the point of care. XpeDose™ technology greatly improves TennCare's ability to sustain operational controls and program oversight to ensure members' ongoing same-day access to intrauterine and implantable contraceptive device options.

For more information on XpeDose™, call Stellar at (629) 335-4400 or email vLARCatTennCare@xpedose.com.