Medicaid Pregnancy and Postpartum Benefits

TennCare enrollees who have Medicaid during a pregnancy will now keep their coverage for 12 months following the end of pregnancy. They will also have dental benefits during this time!

To access dental benefits, the enrollee must update TennCare Connect account to tell us about the pregnancy. Enrollees can update TennCare Connect account by calling 855-259-0701 or visiting

Help connect TennCare moms to care!

  • Remind pregnant moms to update TennCare Connect by calling 855-259-0701 or updating their account online at For detailed instructions on how to update your TennCare Connect account, visit the Notify TennCare of a Pregnancy page.
  • Preventive, diagnostic, and restorative, dental treatment is safe throughout pregnancy. Help educate, encourage, and connect moms to dental care by finding a local provider at or call 855-418-1623.

Communication Resources

Resources are available for general use to help raise awareness around available benefits. These resources can be distributed online, printed for distribution, or posted on doors of waiting rooms or exam rooms.

If you need help or have questions, reach out to:

Amerigroup Tennessee: 800-600-4441

BlueCare Tennessee: 800-468-9698

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan: 800-690-1606

TennCareSelect: 800-263-5479