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Engineering and Development

FAA Airport Engineering, Design, & Construction

Standard Pay Items/Decriptions/Units

Funding Request Templates


Environmental Standard Operating Procedure 

If you have any questions about the new Environmental SOP, please email your questions to 


Historical Bid Tabulations

Bid Tabulations Disclaimer: These spreadsheets include Bid Tabulations for various airport improvement projects that were received within the past three (3) calendar years.  The Bid Tabulations were collected from airport consultants and do not represent all airport improvement projects conducted in the State during each calendar year. The Bid Tabulations shall serve as historical record only.  The Aeronautics Division makes no commitment or guarantee that estimates based on these historical prices will suffice as the Engineer’s Estimate nor result in award of any contract.  

Unit prices are specific to each contract and can vary widely depending on various factors.  When developing an Opinion of Probable Cost for a project, it is recommended to develop cost-based estimates which include all costs for material, labor, supplies, equipment, subcontracts, overhead, markup, contract bonding, permitting, and taxes which are reasonably required to complete the work.