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2019 Aviation Outreach and Education Program

For Fiscal Year 2019 (beginning July 1, 2018), the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) Aeronautics Division Aviation Outreach and Education program was restructured to better promote, prioritize, and fund Aviation Outreach and Education Programs in Tennessee.  The application process was the primary focus of the Aviation Outreach and Education Program restructuring and process improvement initiative, and resulted in a broad, diverse and competitive round of applications for the FY19 funding cycle.  Thirteen high-quality Aviation Outreach and Education programs located throughout the state were selected to receive program funding for FY19.

Since the promotion of aviation in Tennessee is at the heart of the Aviation Outreach and Education Program, the new application asks applicants to specifically identify how each Aviation Outreach and Education Program intends to influence Tennesseeans to pursue aviation education, careers, activities, and more in the state.  The revised application requires that each applicant describe in detail the type of program for which the applicant is requesting funding along with the program’s targeted population, location, dates, and purpose.  In addition, each applicant is required to outline in detail how the program will promote aviation in the state, the goals and objectives of the program, and the aviation subject area or areas that will be addressed during the program.  An addional requirement of the application process is the use of performance measures to determine if the program is meeting its stated goals, objectives, and aviation impacts.  Finally, applicants are required to provide detailed justification of why the applicant requires funding from TDOT Aeronautics Division for the proposed program.

The application period for FY20 opens July 1st, 2019 and each applicant is required to submit their application by the deadline established for the program funding cycle to further streamline the program application process.  The following application submission date, application review date, and award date have been established for the FY20 Aviation Outreach and Education program:

Submission Cut Off Date
October 15, 2019

Review Date
December 17, 2019

Grant Award Date
January 14, 2020

If you have any questions about the application process or the program, please contact the Aviation Outreach and Education Program Coordinators, Evan Lester and Stephen E. Brooks, at 615-361-8016/741-5047 or and