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The planning section is responsible for providing technical assistance to airport sponsors and private entities regarding airport-level planning activities.  Planning seeks to provide the framework needed to guide future airport development by identifying needs, establishing a schedule for implementation, and proposing a financial plan to support the implementation schedule.  Under the State Block Grant Program, the Aeronautics Division reviews and provides approval for Airport Layout Plans (ALP) on behalf of the FAA.  

For planning related questions, contact:

Evan Lester | Transportation Program Supervisor 

Phone: 615-361-8016


Airport Capital Improvement Plans (ACIPs)

2020 ACIP Annual Meeting Media

2018 ACIP Annual Meeting Media

2017  ACIP  Annual Meeting Media

Airport Zoning 

2021  Environmental Submittal Schedule

Please click the title link above to download a larger image of the Environmental Submittal Schedule.  

2021 Environmental Submittal Schedule

2021 Key Dates and Request Deadlines

Non-Routine Projects

2021 TAC Dates
2021 PSR Dates

2022 Key Dates and Request Deadlines


TAC 2022

Routine Projects

TAC 2022 2.0

1 Non-Routine Projects or cumulative request/s over $100,000 ($200,000 for ALP updates) must be reviewed and recommended by the TAC.  Routine Projects can be recommended by Division Staff, and would be executed in the month following.

“Routine Projects” means projects where the need is well-documented, the eligibility for State and/or Federal assistance is clear, local matching funds are available, the project does not represent a change of funding policy, and the total project cost is less than $100,000. Airport Layout Plans (ALP) projects must be less than $200,000 to be considered routine. 

2 Tennessee Aeronautics Commission. 

3 TAC Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the respective months. 

4 Aeronautics Review completed within three weeks of receiving project funding request. 

5 The deadline for project requests are the third Friday of each month.