UAS Standard Operating Guidelines (TDOT)

Any TDOT employee who intends to operate a small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) for TDOT, in conjuction with official assigned duties and responsibilities, must first sign a TDOT UAS Operator Acknowledgement Statement agreeing to comply with the TDOT UAS Standard Operating Guidelines. 

TDOT Policy 170-03 mandates that the TDOT UAS Operator Acknowledgement Statement must be on file with the Aeronautics Division UAS Office prior to conducting any UAS operations in an official capacity or on a TDOT jobsite.

To obtain a copy of the policy, Standard Operating Guidelines, and the Acknowledgement Statement, email

TDOT UAS Standard Operating Guidelines (Updated March 7, 2019)

UAS SOG (Revision 2) (WORD)

TDOT UAS Flight Log

UAS Flight Log Sheet (WORD)

UAS Flight Log Sheet (PDF)

All TDOT personnel authorized to operate UAS for TDOT should occasionally check this page to ensure they have the current versions of these documents.