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Notice to Airports

FAA National Based Aircraft Inventory Program

FAA Based Aircraft Inventory Program - 2021 Biennial National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS) Report

The goal of the Based Aircraft Program is to provide consistent and verifiable counts of based aircraft to the FAA for federal airport planning purposes.

 Accurate based aircraft information helps the FAA in planning and forecasting the growth in the general aviation community, especially as the FAA looks at runway approaches and other system-wide improvements.  Based aircraft counts are one of the criteria used to determine eligibility for inclusion in the NPIAS, which is a requirement to receive Federal funds.
FAA Order 5010.4A, Airport Data and Information Management requires the FAA obtain the based aircraft data from the most reliable source possible (i.e. from the records of the airport manager, etc.).  Collecting tail numbers and cross-referencing them to the FAA Aircraft Registration Database, through, provides this reliable source of data which also updates the FAA 5010 form.
Many airport development projects utilize the number and type of aircraft that are based at the airport or that use the airport on a regular basis (for example, apron expansions, hangar construction, other basic airfield facilities). Each airport development project must be justified by current use. The 5010 based aircraft data is one of many pieces of information that may justify a project. Based aircraft are also used in the FAA’s biennial National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems
(NPIAS) Report to Congress. Therefore, it is very important the based aircraft information submitted to Congress is accurate.
On December 13, 2019 at close of business, the aircraft inventory counts will be saved and used in the 2021
biennial NPIAS Report. It is important that airport managers make sure their based aircraft inventory is updated before this date. Any changes made after this date will not be used for this report. Airport Managers are advised to start the updating process as soon as practical to avoid missing the deadline.
General questions about the program may be sent to
Inquiries about existing or new accounts can be made at:
A FAQ and comprehensive User Guide are located at the website.
To review the 2019 NPIAS Report (issued September 26, 2018, Appendix A and C) please see
On behalf of the FAA Based Aircraft Team, we thank you for your participation.