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Notice to Airports

ADO Letterhead
December 26, 2019

Dear Airport Sponsor:

We are writing to you about two topics involving Notice to Airmen (NOTAM).
(1) NOTAM Manager (NM); and
(2) Management of Permanent NOTAMs.

For the last 9 years, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been working with airports in the National Airspace System (NAS) helping them make the transition to the web-based application known as the digital NOTAM Manager. The transition moves users from the antiquated analog system to a greatly improved digital system for originating, publishing, and tracking NOTAMs.

Over 1,300 airports have made the transition and realize the benefits of NOTAM Manager: submission speed; content that is easier to read, filter, and search; and receipt on multiple data devices. For the remaining federally funded airports, and general aviation airports with NOTAM publication authority, we highly recommend you take action now to make the transition to NOTAM Manager. The NOTAM Manager Connection process is as follows:

a. Contact the National Airspace System Integration Support Contract (NISC) NM Deployment Team at (816) 329-2550; or
b. Register online at and a member of the NISC NM Deployment Team will contact you once your registration is received.

Ahead of your airport making the transition to NOTAM Manager, we can assure you based on users' feedback and system demonstrations, that NOTAM Manager far surpasses the functionality of the old analog NOTAM system. Listed below are just a few observations from airport operators about the exceptional capabilities of NOTAM Manager over the old analog system:

a. NOTAM sentence construction is fast, efficient, and easy to use via a computer format utilizing dropdown lists;
b. Distribution of a NOTAM nationwide is instantaneous - within an average of 3 seconds;
c. NOTAM easily searchable and sortable based on keyword or NOTAM number;
d. The built-in NOTAM archive permits 13 months of historical records retrieval and printing as required;
e. NOTAMs can be automatically distributed via email to airport tenants or others designated by the airport operator; and
f.  A reliable support network and monthly issue/training forums for technical support or up-to-date changes to the NOTAM system are offered.

All users are obligated to manage the flow of NOTAM information in and out of the system. Therefore, as part of the FAA's NOTAM modernization efforts, we ask that users help us account for the number of Permanent (PERM) NOTAMs in the system. We have some PERM NOTAMs that have languished in the NOTAM system far beyond requirements. In order to address PERM NOTAMs we offered the following to users:

a. Consult guidance documents such as:

• FAA Order 7930.2S, Notices to Airmen (NOTAM);
• 14 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 139.339 Airport Condition Reporting;
• Advisory Circular 150/5200-28F, Notices To Airmen (NOTAMs) for Airport Operators; and
• FAA Order 7900.2D, Submitting Aeronautical Data to Aeronautical Information Services in Support of the National Airspace System (NAS}, for policy and procedures for issuing NOTAMs and instructions for submitting PERM NOTAMs information for flight publication.

b. Be aware that PERM NOTAMs do not auto-cancel at the end of validity and airport operators must remove PERM NOTAMs when they expire or when information is annotated in flight publications;
c. Expect NOTAM format, information, and non-NOTAM features/material to be more closely scrutinized as part of the FAA' s modernization effort; and
d. Regularly review your active NOTAMs and cancel ones that are no longer relevant.

Should you have PERM NOTAMs in the system, please take action to determine their validity and/or potential for publishing in the appropriate flight publication. We also ask that you take immediate action on this NOTAM Manager transition. The old analog NOTAM system could be terminated with limited notice, and we do not want airports to be negatively impacted when the legacy system is shut down. Please contact your Airport District Office Program Manager should you have any questions on these issues.


Memphis Airports District Office