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Major General Jeffrey H. Holmes

Commissioner / The Adjutant General Military

Major General Tommy H. Baker

Deputy Adjutant General Military

Assistant Adjutant General, Army

Assistant Adjutant General, Army Military

Col. Jason W. Glass

Assistant Adjutant General, Air Military

Patrick Sheehan

Director, Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) Military

Brigadier General Kurtis J. Winstead

Director of the Joint Staff Military

Brigadier General Vincent J. Franklin

Chief of Staff, Air Military

Brigadier General Craig Johnson

Commanding General Tennessee State Guard Military

Colonel Thomas S. Cauthen

Director of Staff, Air Military

Colonel Thomas W. von Weisenstein

Chief of the Joint Staff Military

Colonel Steven E. Reece

Chief of Staff, Army Military

CW5 Ricky Tackett

Command Chief Warrant Officer Military

Colonel M. Lee Hartley, Jr.

Commander, 134th Air Refueling Wing Military

Colonel Raymond S. Robinson IV

Commander, 164th Airlift Wing Military

Colonel Keith A. Allbritten

Commander, 118th Wing Military

Colonel Jimmie L. Cole, Jr.

Commander, 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment Military

Colonel Milton Thompson

Commander 30th Troop Command Military

Colonel John A. Gobel

Commander, 230th Sustainment Brigade Military

Colonel Scott A. Gaines

Commander, 117th Regiment Training Institute Military

Colonel Warner A. Ross II

Commander 194th Engineer Brigade Military

CMSgt. Mark A. Harris

Senior Enlisted Leader Military

Command Sergeant Major Michael Gentry

State Command Sergeant Major Military

CMSgt. Kenneth J. Simmons

Command Chief Master Sergeant, Air Military