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Colonel Ted Geasley

Commander, 118th Wing

Col Ted Geasley is Commander, 118th Wing, Berry Field Air National Guard Base, in Nashville, TN. The mission of the 118th Wing is to provide the United States Air Force with persistent intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and combat capability. Additionally, he is responsible for wartime readiness and mission execution of all Airmen across assigned combat and support missions. He is responsible for $250 million in base property and an annual budget exceeding $85 million to include the training management and employment of over 1200 military personnel. As the installation commander, he is responsible for strategic guidance, capital allocation, and risk management decisions across all disciplines. The 118th Wing is the only ANG base that combines Group operations across remotely piloted aircraft, targeting, and cyber disciplines under one Wing. The 118th Wing provides combat capability to combatant commanders and emergency response resources to the Governor during times of emergency.