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Education & Incentives

Army Guard Education Services Mission Statement:  The Tennessee Army National Guard Education Services Team strives to provide outstanding service and a clear understanding of the continuing education benefits available to our Soldiers and their families.  We can assist with questions regarding use of Montgomery GI Bill, Federal Tuition Assistance, Loan Repayment Plans, Incentives and Bonuses.  We are an approved Army Personnel Testing (APT) facility for AFCT, SIFT, DLPT/DLRPT/DLAB/OPI and DANTES.  Let us answer your questions today!

Tennessee STRONG Act

The Tennessee STRONG (Support, Training, and Renewing Opportunity for National Guardsmen) Act establishes a pilot program to provide eligible members of the Tennessee National Guard tuition funding toward a first time bachelor degree for the next four years through a tuition reimbursement program. The STRONG Act provides educational opportunities for those who protect and serve our state and country and supports the Drive to 55 goal of equipping 55 percent of Tennesseans with a degree or certificate by 2025.


FTA Verification 

Strong Act Contact List

Public Charter 229 / STRONG Act

Official Rules 7-16-17

General Information

How to Apply

Billing Summary, Section VII - Postsecondary Institution Use Only

Billing Summary, Section VII Example - Postsecondary Institution Use Only

Eligible Schools

Strong Act Poster 

TCAT locations - TN STRONG Act can be used at these 27 location across the State 


G.I. Bill

A federally funded program administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and military services. Each GI Bill program has a maximum of 36 months of full-time benefits, but can be combined with other GI Bill programs for a total of 48 months.

Tennessee Army National Guard Soldiers may be eligible for any of the following GI Bill Programs:

Chapter 1606 (Montgomery GI Bill – Selected Reserve)
Chapter 1607 (Reserve Education Assistance Program)
Chapter 30 (Montgomery GI Bill – Active Duty)
Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill)  - May be transferable to dependents - click here to learn how to transfer to dependents

Apply to use your GI Bill with these instructions

GI Bill Comparison Chart

GI Bills can be used for Registered Apprenticeships and On-the-Job Training Programs

Kicker Incentive Eligible? Click here for more information

Troops to Teachers information here

Summary of Army National Guard (ARNG) Education Programs and Services

Web Links to ARNG Education Programs and Services

Be sure to fill out FAFSA for Financial Aid

GI Bill Law Changes - "Forever" GI Bill

For more information visit the GI Bill website at:

or contact: 

GI Bill: 615-313-0529

Army Guard- Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)

The Army National Guard (ARNG) Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) Program provides financial assistance to part-time Soldiers in support of their professional and personal self-development goals.  Currently, funding FTA is 100% of a member’s tuition and authorized fees.

Soldiers can use FTA for a variety of degrees including Secondary School Diploma or its equivalency (GED); Certificate (undergraduate, graduate, vocational, technical, licensure); Associate; Baccalaureate (undergraduate); Master’s or First Professional (graduate).

For eligibility, tuition assistance rates and application information, visit to learn how to use this valuable benefit today!

Federal Tuition Assistance Information Sheet

New Users Guide for GoArmyEd

How to Request FTA using the request form

Course Planner Enroll How to

Course and Cost Examples 

FTA:  615-313-0604/0592

Army Guard- Student Loan Repayment (SLRP)

Soldiers who have an existing student loan obligation, not in default, at the time of enlistment or re-enlistment in the Army National Guard.
This is a once in a career incentive and may pay up to $50,000.00 for a six year military service obligation. Discuss this incentive with your Retention NCO and read the SLRP addendum carefully before signing.  Ensure you know what you have to do to keep this incentive!

To access your required National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) information use the attached slides or visit the NSLDS website at:

NSLDS power point

SLRP:  615-313-3123/0577

Army Guard Bonuses and Incentives

Your duty MOS or current UIC may qualify for a bonus!

Soldiers with less than 13 years of service upon their current ETS may reenlist for a cash bonus in the following amounts providing they meet all the necessary requirements.

Re-enlist for six years may receive $12,000.00
Re-enlist for two years may receive $4,000.00

Contact your Unit Command Team and Retention NCO for the most current policy information.  Review the bonus addendum carefully before you sign it!! This ensures you know what you need to do to maintain your eligibility as you serve your new contract.

TNARNG Re-enlistment bonus eligibility information sheet

FY 17 SRIP Cheat Sheet

FY 16 SRIP Policy

FY 14 SRIP Policy

Bonus:  615-313-2692/0646


Army Personnel Testing (APT):  APT encompasses standardized tests to determine eligibility for specialized training and to support the Army's personnel selection and classification process, including language proficiency testing.  (Reference: AR 611-5)

What Tests Are Available? APT offers career-enhancing exam options, such as:

Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT)
Selection Instrument Flight Training (SIFT)
Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT)
Defense Language Reading Proficiency Test (DLRPT)
Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB)
Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI)

Army Personnel Testing (APT)
DANTES Testing

For more information visit the HRC testing website at: or contact:


Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) Testing:  DANTES offers free college entrance exams as well as high school equivalency exams and college credit equivalency exams to assist Soldiers in their academic pursuits.

Below are the tests ARNG Soldiers may take:

General Education Development (GED)
Entry level exams to Colleges (ACT, SAT)
Entry level exams to Graduate Schools (GMAT, GRE)
Teacher Certification Exams (Praxis)
College credit equivalency exams (CLEP, DSST)

Click here for more information

For more information visit the DANTES testing website at: or contact:

Testing:  615-313-0604/0529

Our Team

CW3 Clarisse Bernier / Education Services Officer - (615) 313-0625

SGM Jamie Clark / Education / Incentive NCOIC - (615) 313-0692

MSG Ott Chanthara / Senior Incentive Manager - (615) 313-3123

SSG Cody Clark / Senior Incentive Manager - (615) 313-0577

SPC Joshua Buckley / Incentive Manager - (615) 313-0646

SPC Jordan Morrell / Incentive Manager - (615) 313-2692

SSG Bethel Walling / FTA & SLRP - (615) 313-0592

SSG Joseph Baydoun / State Tuition Assistance Outreach NCO - (615) 313-2697

SFC Stephen Biase / Army State Tuition Assistance Manager - (615) 313-0737

MSgt  Joseph Wilson / Air Guard State Tuition Assistance Manager - (615) 313-0849

Ms. Stephanie Vaughn / GI Bill Manager/ Testing - (615) 313-0529

Mr. James McClanahan- Education Services Specialist / FTA / Testing - (615) 313-0604