Who We Are

Purpose:  Our Purpose is to maintain an efficient, well trained,  well-equipped and responsive military and civilian State and National Emergency Response Force ready to respond to any State or Federal mission. 

Vision:  Our Vision is to maintain a relevant, professional organization for employees and personnel committed to readiness, responsiveness and quality service.

State Mission:  Our State Mission is to provide the Governor of Tennessee with units capable of performing missions in accordance with the Tennessee Emergency Response Plan.

Federal Mission:  Our Federal Mission is to provide the President and the Secretary of Defense with units capable of performing their wartime mission.

The Army component of the Tennessee National Guard.

The Air Force component of the Tennessee National Guard.

The all-volunteer arm of the Tennessee Military Department. 

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency Home Page

Organizations within the Tennessee National Guard.

Legal assistance to eligible Servicemembers, their family and military retirees.

The Tennessee Army National Guard 1109th Field Trial Defense Team and 1196th Senior Trial Defense Team.

The confidential advisor to The Adjutant General and an impartial fact finder on matters relating to morale, readiness, conduct and esprit de corps of the Tennessee National Guard.

Highly specialized experts and trainers in their career field.

The Environmental Office of the Tennessee Military Department provides this link for public review of documents pertaining to proposed actions and projects involving Compliance, Cultural Resources, National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), and Natural Resources.