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TDEC Annual Reports


We are pleased to share the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Annual Reports to account for how we invest our time, resources and priorities to generate a variety of community benefits for all citizens in Tennessee. This document features TDEC employees and stakeholders sharing "this is what we do" to demonstrate how our work is directed at producing cleaner air and water, better protected natural resources, and enhanced recreational opportunities for all. 

Our department has taken specific steps to do our part in delivering on Governor Haslam’s vision of Tennessee being the best run state government in the nation while creating a cleaner environment, supporting healthier lives, and a promoting a stronger economy for all Tennesseans. No doubt, TDEC employees are proud to contribute to the healthy, vibrant environment and quality of life we enjoy in Tennessee.  As you read through an Annual Report, look around your community or travel across our state, we trust you will see real evidence of meaningful progress TDEC is producing for current and future generations of Tennesseans. 

If you would like more information or if you have questions regarding the Annual Report, contact Brooke Barrett at 615-741-8962 or