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Air Pollution Control Board


Material in the board packet that reflect the Board’s vote on a matter (i.e. Orders of the Board), shall be considered proposed and subject to change by the Board on the day of the meeting.

Meeting Details: (Revised 7/15/2019)

Next meeting scheduled for

August 14, 2019

9:30 a.m.

312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
3rd Floor Nashville Room
Nashville, TN 37243 

June meeting material

June Meeting Packet

Notice of Listening Session Regarding Title V Fees

May meeting material

May Agenda


February meeting material

February board agenda

February boad packet

Board Order for Fee Variance Request


November meeting material

November Board Packet

September meeting material:  

Link to September APC Board Packet

APC General Business Information

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has withdrawn the proposed Title V and Non-title V fee rules discussed at the September board meeting.

May meeting material:

Link to Board Packet:  


At the May 9th Air Pollution Control Board meeting, the Board will consider the renewal of Certificates of Exemption (COE) for Tennessee’s four local air pollution control agencies. The COE allows the local municipalities or counties to operate their own air pollution control agency independent from the State’s air pollution control agency. Supplemental information provided to the State as part of the petition for the COEs can be found here.



2018 Meeting Dates

2019 Meeting Dates

January 10 - Cancelled
February 14-15-Cancelled
March 14-15
April 11-12
May 9-10
June 13-14-Canceled
July 18-19
August 8-9
September 12-13
October 10-11
November 14-15
December 12-13

January 9- Canceled
February 13
March 13
April 10
May 8
June 12
July 10-Canceled
August 14
Septermber 11
October 9
November 13
December 11


Board Characteristics

Fourteen members: twelve appointed by the Governor for four-year terms and two ex officio.

Members include:

  • a registered professional engineer with at least five (5)years' experience in the field of air pollution control;
  • a licensed physician with experience in health effects of air contaminants;
  • a person working in a field directly related to agriculture or conservation;
  • a person actively working in the management of and with current full-time employment in a private manufacturing concern and have a college degree and eight (8) years of combined technical training and experience in permit compliance for Title 5 or Non-Title 5 sources for a manufacturing facility permitted in the State of Tennessee; 
  • a county mayor or chief executive officer of a Tennessee county;
  • a person working in municipal government;
  • Two (2) persons from Tennessee industry and with current full-time employment with a private manufacturing concern and have a college degree in engineering or equal and eight (8) years of combined technical training and experience in air pollution abatement for either a Title 5 permit holder or a Non-Title 5 permitted source in the State of Tennessee;
  • a person involved in the program of an institute of higher learning in the state involved in the conducting of training in air pollution evaluation and control;
  • a person representing conservation interests;
  • a small generator of air pollution representing automotive interests;
  • a person representing environmental interests;
  • Commissioners of Environment and Conservation and Economic and Community Development or their designees.

Commissioned under T.C.A. 68-201-104.

The statute authorizing this board expires June 30, 2019 and the one-year wind-down period begins.


Term Expires


Dr. John Benitez  08-31-2021 Licensed Physician with experience in health effects of air pollutants
Karen Cisler 04-30-2020 Environmental Interests
Greer Tidwell Jr. 04-30-2022 Conservation Interests
Stephen R. Gossett 08-31-2019 Working for Industry with technical experience
Dr. Shawn A. Hawkins 08-31-2020 Working in field related to Agriculture or Conservation
Richard Holland 08-31-2019 Working for Industry with technical experience
The Honorable Ken Moore, City of Franklin 08-31-2021 Working in Municipal Government
Dr. Joshua Fu, Ph.D.  04-30-2022 Involved with Institution of Higher Learning on air pollution evaluation and control
Michael Haverstick 08-31-2022 Working in management in Private Manufacturing
Dr. Ronnè Adkins, Ph.D. Ex-Officio Commissioner's Designee, Dept. of Environment and Conservation
Caitlin Roberts Jennings 06-30-2022 Small Generator of Air Pollution representing Automotive Interests
Amy Spann, P.E. 08-31-2022 Registered Professional Engineer
The Honorable Larry Waters,
Sevier County
08-31-2020 County Mayor
Jimmy West Ex-Officio Commissioner's Designee, Dept. of Economic and Community Development