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Tennessee Historical Commission

Meeting Details: (Revised 10/29/2020)

November 6, 2020 Special Meeting  - 2:00PM CST

The Tennessee Historical Commission will meet on November 6, 2020, at 1 pm C.S.T. and go into private executive session with its attorneys to discuss pending litigation. After the executive session has concluded, the Commission will then meet at 2 PM C.S.T. and publicly decide if it wants to substantially reconsider whether it will review the ALJ’s initial orders on its own accord in both Elizabeth Coker v. City of Franklin, APD Docket Number 04.48-191924J and Elizabeth Coker v. City of Franklin, APD Docket Number 04.47-201126J.

Board Characteristics

The Tennessee Historical Commission board is commissioned under T.C.A. 4-11-102. The statute authorizing this board expires June 30, 2025 and the one-year wind-down begins. 

The board is composed of twenty-nine members: 5 Ex Officio members plus 24 members appointed by the Governor for terms of five years.  Appointed membership is equally divided among the three grand divisions of the state.  Appointed members whose current terms have expired, serve until reappointed or replaced.

Members include:

Officers Term Expires  
Mrs. Derita Coleman Williams, Chair  06-30-2022  
Mr. Allen F. Carter, Vice-Chair 09-30-2021  
Ex Officio Members   Representation
Mr. Don Johnson   Governor's Representative
Mr. Gerald Parish   Comm. of Environment and Conservation Rep.
Mr. Phil Hodge   State Archaeologist
Dr. Caroll Van West   State Historian
Mr. Charles A. Sherrill   State Librarian and Archivist
Members Term Expires Representation
Mrs. Loni Harris
West Tennessee
Dr. Keith Norman 09-30-2020 West Tennessee
Mrs. Beverly C. Robertson 09-30-2020 West Tennessee
Dr. Douglas W. Cupples 06-30-2021 West Tennessee
Mrs. Joanne Cullom Moore 09-30-2021 West Tennessee
Mr. Don Roe 09-30-2022 West Tennessee
Mr. Cato Johnson 07-07-2025 West Tennessee
Mrs. Robert L. (Tiny) Jones 06-30-2019 Middle Tennessee
Mr. Toye Heape 09-30-2019 Middle Tennessee
Dr. Kent T. Dollar 09-30-2020 Middle Tennessee
Mr. Jeremy Harrell 09-30-2020 Middle Tennessee
Mr. Ernie Bacon 10-15-2020 Middle Tennessee
Mrs. Lucy W. Lee 11-15-2020 Middle Tennessee
Mrs. Beth Campbell 06-30-2022 Middle Tennessee
Mrs. Doris McMillan 07-07-2025 Middle Tennessee
Judge David W. Tipton 09-30-2018 East Tennessee
Mr. Sam D. Elliott 05-31-2020 East Tennessee
Mrs. Linda Moss Mines 11-15-2020 East Tennessee
Dr. William Lyons 02-28-2021 East Tennessee
Mr. Joseph A. Swann 02-28-2021 East Tennessee
Mr. Ray Smith 10-31-2021 East Tennessee
Mr. Kelly Wolfe 02-11-2024 East Tennessee

Past Meetings

Special Meeting Held on March 13, 2019

This meeting was held for the consideration of the Denial of Petition for Reconsideration by Judge Hilliard in the matter of Forrest Descendants and Sons of Confederate Veterans, Docket No. 04.47-1509371. This meeting was held by teleconference.



To contact commission members, email

Lynda Wynn

Board Contact

Patrick McIntyre

Executive Director
Tennessee Historical Commission
Department of Environment & Conservation

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