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Policy and Sustainable Practices

The Office of Policy & Sustainable Practices enhances TDEC’s capacity to conduct short and long term environmental policy research and analysis, promote a culture of environmental sustainability, provide technical guidance to business, industry, and other public entities to promote environmental stewardship, implement departmental strategic planning initiatives, and perform Title VI and Environmental Justice functions in an effort to better conserve Tennessee’s natural resources and to fulfill the Department’s mission and vision.

The Office of Policy & Sustainable Practices partners and collaborates within TDEC, and with state government departments, and external stakeholders to:

·         Engage ideas with federal, state and local government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the academic and business community on matters relevant to environmental policy.

·         Support community environmental, economic, public health and social goals through pollution prevention, resource conservation, renewable energy incentives, waste reduction and recycling programs, and sustainable building design.

·         Facilitate and promote environmental leadership through recognition programs and partnerships.

·         Implement departmental strategic initiatives and identify innovative, cost effective opportunities for state government to enhance the quality of life for Tennessee citizens and natural environments.

·         Ensure TDEC, its contractors, and service beneficiaries are aware of the provisions of and responsibilities associated with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Environmental Education

Environmental literacy encourages environmental awareness, action skills, civic engagement, and personal responsibility.

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