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Office of Energy Programs

The TDEC Office of Energy Programs (OEP) provides education, outreach, technical assistance, and/or funding and financing opportunities for the following:

•      energy efficiency and conservation;
•      renewable energy;
•      utility data management;
•      energy assurance and resiliency; and
•      sustainable transportation and alternative fuels.

OEP is comprised of two sections: the Governor-designated State Energy Office (SEO) and the State Facility Utility Management Section (SFUM).  Through its activities, OEP promotes the efficient, effective use of energy to enhance the environmental and economic health of the state.

Tenn. Code Ann. § 4-3-510(9) and 4-3-1012(5) require TDEC OEP to submit annual reports to the Governor, the Speakers of the Senate and House of Representatives, and the Chair of the Senate and House Committees on government operations, energy, and conservation, or their successor committees. The report for Program Year 2017 may be accessed here. The report for Program Year 2016 may be accessed here.

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