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External Affairs

The Office of External Affairs serves as the primary point of contact for external stakeholders for environmental concerns across the state, through their eight (8) regions.  Regional Directors actively work with local and state officials; business and industry; the general public; community development representatives; and environmental groups. The External Affairs team also serve as key representatives for coordinating and facilitating public meetings, regulatory hearings, information sessions, and community engagement opportunities to ensure TDEC is inclusive while meeting its mission.  If you have any questions regarding the public hearing process, please email Ronné Adkins at

11-24-14 Adkins_Ronne'_TDEC Regional Director

Ronné Adkins, Ph.D.
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Memphis EFO 


Amy Katcher
Regional Director
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Chattanooga EFO

4-27-15 Wohlgemuth_Tara_ Conservation

Tara Wohlgemuth
Regional Director
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Cookeville EFO


Rudy Collins
Regional Director
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Jackson EFO

4-10-19 Compton_Jan_Official BlueBook Portrait

Jan Compton
Regional Director
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Johnson City EFO

11-24-14 LeCroy_John_TDEC Regional Director

John LeCroy
Regional Director
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Knoxville EFO

Jaclyn Weiland

Jaclyn Mothupi
Regional Director
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Nashville EFO

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