Frequently Asked Questions - Tree Seedlings

Unless we have a cancellation, we will not have this species to sell again until our new season begins on July 1.    

If the inventory of a particular species drops below 1,000, online sales are not permitted to ensure that we don’t
oversell.  Please print an order form and scan, fax or email your completed form to us ASAP.    

We do our best to have seedlings sent to the counties for deliveries or processed for FedEx shipping between the middle and end of the month in which delivery has been requested.  This time frame can be affected by our ability to lift and package seedlings due to unfavorable weather and other factors.    

Your order must be submitted by the 15th of the month prior to the month requested for delivery.    

Our first month for pickup or delivery of regular size seedlings is January. Delivery of Large Diameter seedlings begins in February.

Our state truck delivers orders to each county between the middle and end of January, February and March. 

A county personnel will contact you to arrange a convenient pick up location within your county.

You may also click here to locate your county personnel.

25 seedlings of one species. 

No. To receive the 100 (or larger) price, the seedlings must be of the same species.

White Pine Christmas and Virginia Pine Christmas seedlings are produced specifically for the Christmas tree industry. The seed is from specifically selected sources that exhibit desirable Christmas tree characteristics. The White Pine Christmas seed is from selections originally made by Dr. Eyvind Thor in the University of Tennessee’s Steven’s Switch seed orchard. The Virginia Pine Christmas seed is from specific clones in Bowater’s Virginia pine seed orchard. These seedlings are hand graded at the time of packing to maximize the number of plantable seedlings.

Seedling height varies according to species. When adding seedlings in the online ordering system, click species name for a detailed description including size, light and water requirements, timber and wildlife values, and pictures.