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D'Addario's Play. Plant. Preserve. tree planting cost share program is an initiative aimed at ensuring that the hardwood resources used for making drumsticks and mallets in Tennessee is sustainable. The program is funded by ProMark, a subsidiary of D'Addario & Company and is administered by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Division of Forestry (TDF). The goal of the program is to provide an avenue for the planting of five trees for every one that ProMark uses annually. Seedlings used for this program are grown at TDF's East Tennessee Nursery located in Delano, Tennessee and are provided at no cost to eligible Tennessee landowners.

D'Addario's ProMark company was founded in 1957 by Herb Brochstein, a professional drummer and drum shop owner. Their sawmill is located near Prospect, Tennessee in Giles County.

ProMark uses only non-endangered wood in the manufacturing of its sticks and mallets. The harvesting of hardwoods is carefully controlled, with replenishment of the forest as one of their top concerns.


Tennessee Division of Forestry

Forest Resource Management - The Forest Resource Management Unit promotes and advances sustainable forest management on non-industrial private forestlands for the multiple uses and benefits provided by forested landscapes.

Forest Businesses - The Forest Businesses Unit provides assistance to businesses and landowners to extend forest resource utilization, facilitate the marketing of timber and wood products, and promote a healthy and viable forest for all citizens of Tennessee.

Reforestation - The Reforestation Unit provides quality, affordable tree seedlings to Tennessee landowners and optimizes genetic improvements of tree seedlings to increase the productivity of the state's forest resource.

Requirements for Eligibility

  • Landowners must have a tree planting prescription prepared or approved by TDF personnel.
  • A minimum planting of 100 seedlings is allowed. Requests of 10,000 seedlings or greater will be accepted based on availability, need, and expected conservation benefits.
  • TDF personnel will assist with seedling selection and ordering.
  • Trees must be planted according to prescription. A field check may be required during and after the planting operation by TDF personnel.
  • Landowners must agree to maintain and protect seedlings for a minimum of 10 years.
  • This program is designed for conservation plantings only (i.e. non-ornamental).

Benefits of Planting Hardwood Trees

  • Provides raw materials for ProMark's drumsticks and other high quality wood products.
  • Improves air quality by filtering air pollutants.
  • Increases financial and aesthetic value of property.
  • Improves wildlife habitat and increases recreational opportunities.
  • Enhances and preserves water quality.

How Do You Get Started?

Contact your local Tennessee Division of Forestry office for more information by referring to our online directory, or call the TDF Forest Resource Management Unit at (615) 837-5438.