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How to Get Temporary TennCare Right Now

If you are pregnant, you may be eligible to get temporary TennCare right now. This is called “presumptive eligibility.” This will cover your visits to the doctor and other medical services while you are pregnant.

You can enroll if your income is under the limit in the table below. You must live in Tennessee – and you must be a U.S. citizen or eligible immigrant.

TennCare Income Limit for Pregnant Women/Newborns (2020)

Household Size* Annual Income Monthly Income






















* A pregnant woman is generally counted as a household of two (herself and her baby).

To sign up, just go to your local health department. They can enroll you.

Even if you get temporary TennCare, you will need to fill out the full application.

You can apply for TennCare at

Need help applying? There are at least three ways that you can get help:

  1. You can call TennCare Connect for free at 855-259-0701 to get help over the phone. 
  2. You can go to any DHS office in any of Tennessee’s 95 counties. A trained staff person there will help you apply. Over 350 state employees are trained to help you. Find the DHS office in your county.
  3. You can get help from private groups. Find someone near you. You can also call 1-866-475-7879.

If you have a disability, someone can even come to your house to help you apply for TennCare. Just call your local Area Agency on Aging and Disability (AAAD) at 1-866-836-6678.

More information about eligibility.

If you are not eligible for TennCare, then you may qualify for CoverKids. to learn about CoverKids and see if you may qualify. You can apply online or toll-free 1-800-318-2596.

  • If you are already on TennCare, call 855-259-0701 when you have your baby.
  • If you are on CoverKids, call 855-259-0701when you have your baby.
  • If you don’t have TennCare or CoverKids, you can apply for your baby over the phone. Call 1-855-259- 0701.

We will help you get your baby enrolled.

If you are a hospital helping to report the birth of a baby, please fill out the birth reporting form.

Birth Reporting Instructions

Birth Reporting Form  English   Spanish

TennCare wants you to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. The Tennessee Department of Health offers additional resources to help keep mom and baby healthy.