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The Tennessee Health Connection is now TennCare Connect

Civil Rights Compliance

Where you live, work, and play matters – especially when it comes to your health. Do you have needs in your life that are not being met? Are they keeping you from good health? We want to know, and we want to help.

Tell us about your life!  Take the CARE survey at:

Your answers will not have your name on them and will be combined with information from other community members.

By taking the survey, you’ll give us the information we need to understand what you need to get and stay healthy. Our goal is helping you and others:

C= Connect with community resources (like food pantries, housing help)

A= Act for better health by learning about your care needs

R= Reduce the stigma (shame or blame) often felt by those who are in need of help 

E= Empower yourselves to take the steps needed for better health

Thank you for caring about your health and the health of your community.

El lugar donde usted vive, trabaja y juega puede tener un impacto sobre su salud. ¡Cuéntenos sobre su vida! Participe en la encuesta de CARE en:


Nơi quý vị sinh sống, làm việc và vui chơi có thể ảnh hưởng đến sức khỏe của quý vị. Hãy cho chúng tôi biết về cuộc sống của quý vị! Tham gia khảo sát CARE tại:

يؤثر مكان إقامتك أو عملك أو لعبك على صحتك. أخبرنا عن حياتك!  قم بتعبئة استبيان الرعاية [CARE survey] المتوفر على الرابط التالي:

Federal and State laws do not allow TennCare to treat you differently because of your:

  • Race,
  • Color,
  • National Origin,
  • Disability,
  • Age,
  • Sex,
  • Religion, or
  • Any other Status/Group protected by law

Do you think you have been treated differently for these reasons?

You can learn more about reporting that you may have been treated differently by clicking on this link Civil Right Laws

Do you need the TennCare Discrimination Complaint Form (English)  ?  Presione Aquí Spanish   Arabic: العربية

Find free resources (food and housing help):
Encuentre recursos gratis (ayuda de alimentación y vivienda) aquí:
Tìm tài nguyên miễn phí (trợ giúp thực phẩm và nhà ở) tại đây:
ابحث عن الموارد المجانية (الطعام والمساعدات) هنا:

Community Resources

Physical health care? Call your Health Plan (MCO). For your Health Plan’s contact information click on this link: Managed Care Organizations

Transportation? Call your Health Plan (MCO).

Mental health care? Call your Health Plan (MCO).

Dental care? Call DentaQuest. Click on this link for DentaQuest’s website. Find out more about Dental Services.

Pharmacy? Call Magellan. Click on this link for Magellan’s website or you can find out more about Pharmacy Services.

Click on this link for the Know your Civil Rights Factsheet 

For Race, Color, National Origin information click on this link for Title VI Facts 

For Disability information click on this link for Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act Facts

Click on this link for Non-Discrimination and HIV/AIDS or Related Condition Facts 

Click on this link for Age Discrimination Act Facts

For information about Effective Communication for Persons Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing clink on this link