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To get help applying for TennCare, please visit the How Do I Apply for TennCare? web page.

Call TennCare Connect for free at 855-259-0701 for more information about TennCare, such as :

  • Applying for TennCare
  • Disenrollment and Benefit Changes
  • Reporting a change (such as a new address, or change in jobs)

Call TennCare Member Medical Appeals at 1-800-878-3192 to file an appeal about medical or prescription problems.

Call the TennCare Advocacy Program at 1-800-758-1638 if you need help with health care, mental health care, drug or alcohol treatment, or other TennCare problems.

If you use a TTY or TDD machine, call 1-877-779-3103. Please call ONLY if you require this service.

If this list or the information on our website is unable to answer your questions, please email us at

If you are a TennCare enrollee or representative of a TennCare enrollee, enrollee record requests may be made to the TennCare Privacy Office by mailing a Permission to Release Records along with a letter of representation with a brief description of the type of records you are requesting.

Do you need to submit a new records request or check the status of an ongoing request? Go to the TennCare Public Records web page for more information.

Mail it to:

Bureau of TennCare
Attn: Privacy Office
310 Great Circle Road
Nashville, TN 37243

Please do not send personal information through email since it is not protected or secured. See the TennCare Notice of Privacy Practices for more information.

The State of Tennessee is required by federal and State law to seek reimbursement of medical assistance funds it has paid on behalf of TennCare enrollees from responsible or liable third parties. "Subrogation" is TennCare's right to be reimbursed any funds it has spent for medical care for a TennCare enrollee when an insurance company or another person owes money to the TennCare enrollee because of the injury or illness.

Instructions to file a subrogation claim: TennCare Subrogation Interest Identification Inquiry.