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The Tennessee Health Connection is now TennCare Connect

How can I get health care if I don't qualify for TennCare?

TennCare is the state of Tennessee's Medicaid program. This program is designed to provide health care insurance to low-income children, pregnant women, parents of minor children, the elderly and people with disabilities. TennCare eligibility information can be found at  Categories. If you don't qualify for TennCare there are other health care options available to you through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Visit or call them at 1-800-318-2596.

Tennessee's county health department clinics provide many services including immunizations, well child/EPSDT screenings, WIC and nutrition services, breast and cervical cancer screening, family planning, birth and death certificates, children's special services, HIV testing and counseling, sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment and communicable disease control. Some locations also offer primary health care, and a few offer dental care. Most services are offered on a sliding fee scale based on income.

Locate a Health Department Clinic in your area.

Public health dental clinics provide clinical dental services to segments of the population that would otherwise not receive care. Dental facilities housed within local health departments are located in 53 of 89 rural counties and all six metropolitan regions. Clinical dental services are provided on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on the location. Specific information on availability of services or eligibility guidelines can be obtained from the local health department in the county of interest. Three mobile dental clinics located in the Mid-Cumberland, Northeast, and West Tennessee Regions have been operating this year in an effort to provide access to dental services for high risk children in underserved areas.

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FQHCs are community-based organizations that provide comprehensive primary care and preventative care including health, oral and mental health/substance abuse services. They serve all uninsured and underinsured individuals. FQHCs will provide services regardless of a person's ability to pay. They charge for services based on a sliding scale that is based on an individual's household income.

CoverKids provides low-cost, comprehensive health coverage for qualifying children 18 and younger. The coverage includes an emphasis on preventive health services and coverage for physician services, hospital visits, vaccinations, well-child visits, healthy babies program, developmental screenings, mental health, vision and dental care. There are low co-pays for medical services, though well-child visits and immunizations are covered at 100 percent.

For more information on CoverKids.

CoverRx is a pharmacy assistance program designed to assist those who don't have pharmacy coverage, but have a need for medication. CoverRx provides participants affordable access to more than 250 generic medications in addition to some name brands of insulin and of mental health medications.

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