How to file an eligibility appeal?

Open and read all mail from TennCare. Follow the directions and make sure to return requested information.

TennCare can help. Has your application been denied? Or do you have to pay co-pays and disagree with how much you have to pay? Or do we have your income or family size wrong?

Some people applied at but still haven't gotten a decision. Have you waited for a decision for more than 45 days (or more than 90 days if you applied for long-term care)? You can now ask for a “delay hearing”. To ask for a delay hearing, call us at 855-259-0701. OR download the TennCare Eligibility Appeal . If you click on the link, fill out the page and follow the instructions. That page tells you how to send it to us by mail or fax.

Do you need help communicating with us? Do you have a TennCare meeting, training or hearing and need assistance? Please complete this form to let us know what free help you need.

1. Appeal by phone by calling 855-259-0701.

2. OR, appeal in writing. You can download an appeal page. Or, you can write your appeal on plain paper. If you write your appeal on plain paper, be sure you include:

  • Your full name (first name, middle initial, last name)
  • Your Social Security Number
  • The names of anyone else in your household with the same problem
  • Your daytime phone number and the best time to call
  • The specific mistake you think we made
  • Any proof that shows why you think we made that mistake

Mail your appeal to this address:

TennCare Connect
P.O. Box 305240
Nashville, TN 37230-5240.

Or fax it to 1-855-315-0669. It's a free fax line.

Keep a copy of your appeal. Write down the date that you mailed or faxed it to us. If you fax it, keep the page that shows your fax went through.

Is it because you have a health, mental health, or learning problem or a disability? OR, do you need help in another language? If so, you have a right to get help. Call 855-259-0701.

Someone who has the legal right to act for you can also file an appeal for you.

Do you have a mental illness and need help with your TennCare? The TennCare Advocacy Program can help you. Call them for free at 1-800-758-1638.

Finally, Legal Services or Legal Aid may give you free help with your appeal. To find out more, click on the link below for the organization that serves your area.

You may be able to enroll your baby right now. TennCare and CoverKids have made it easy to enroll newborns over the phone:

  • Do you already have TennCare? Call 855-259-0701 when your baby is born.
  • Do you have CoverKids? Call 855-259-0701 when your baby is born.
  • If you don’t have TennCare or CoverKids, you can apply for your baby over the phone. Call 855-259-0701.

After you file your appeal, we will look in the federal and state records we have to see if you applied.

If we can find proof you applied, we’ll work your application. We may need more facts from you. If we do, we’ll send you a letter that says what facts we need to finish your application. You will have 10 days to send us the proof we ask for. After we get the facts we need, we will finish working your application and send you a letter about our decision.

What if we don’t get the facts we need within 10 days? You will get another letter that says your application is denied.

If we can’t find proof you applied, we will send you a letter and ask you to give us the proof. You will have 10 days to send us proof that you applied. After we get the proof from you, we’ll finish working your application. What if we don’t get proof that you applied within 10 days? You’ll get another letter that says your request for a delay hearing is denied.

When we have proof of your application date, we’ll give you a decision on your application. Or we will give you a hearing within 45 days (or 90 days for CHOICES applications). If we give you a hearing, we start counting on the day we find proof you applied or on the day that you send your proof to us (whichever day is earlier).